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If you’ve been exercising, eating well, taking supplements and “doing everything right,” and STILL not feeling well, we have your answer. In the accompanying video, health and fitness coach Sandra shares her personal story of how Dr. Pompa’s message resonated: she works out daily and eats a very clean diet but has not been able to lose stubborn weight or feel her best. She was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an autoimmune thyroid condition) and began losing hair, experiencing brain fog, and gaining unexplained weight. She takes a natural thyroid supplement, along with other supplements that most health conscious people take – a multivitamin, probiotic, vitamin D, fish oil, and more. She has done many “detox cleanses” in attempts to increase health. Bottom line: it doesn’t matter how many supplements Sandra takes – or how much she exercises, or cleanses, or how well she eats for that matter. If messages can’t get into her cells due to toxin-induced inflammation, the good can’t get in and the bad cant get out… and Sandra is not going to feel well or get real results from her healthy lifestyle.

So what’s the answer? Dr. Pompa teaches his “three legged stool” analogy of how disease arises and how TCD addresses the causes. Please watch the video to hear Sandra share her story and Dr. Pompa explain the solution and offer real hope.
© 2016 · Revelation Health, LLC. • True Cellular Detox™